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Nibe Camping - Sølyst
Løgstørvej 2
9240 Nibe
Phone +4598351062
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Open: 01.01. - 31.12.
LON 9° 37‘ 29.5680'
LAT 56° 58‘ 21.6840'

Aktivities at Nibe Camping, activities and sights around Aalborg and in North Jutland


Mini aqua-land with 3 water-chutes on the camping ground, free access for guests.

Activities on the camping ground:
  • Mini aqua-land with water chute, free access for guests
  • Playground with activities for children
  • Midgetgolf
  • Petanquefield
  • Football ground 
  • Direct access to the Limfjord
  • Fireplace
  • Birdaviary with different kind of birds 
  • Water cycles for hire
  • Bicycles for hire
  • Wireless internet
  • Tabletennis
  • Poolbillard
  • Amusement arcade  
Activities outside the camping ground:

Informations from Nibe

Top attraktions in Aalborg

Nordsømuseet in Hirtshals
The Greatest Aquarium of Northern Europe and much more....
A visit to the North Sea Museum is always a world of new experiences. The Oceanarium itself with large schools of mackerel, herring, horse mackerel and garfish that are fed by the diver every day is worth the visit.In the numerous exhibit you will find exiting and educational information on life below the surface of the North Sea, and in the "North Sea Lab" you get really close to the animals - you may even touch some of them!

Svømmeland i Nr. Sundby
Swimming bath with relax area, aqua fun area and exercise center. 

Haraldslund water and culturehouse

Swimming bath with relax area, aqua fun area and exercise center.

Sebber Kloster Golf Klub
If you want to play golf we have several golf courses. Himmerland Golf & Country Club in Gatten is the biggest golf course in Denmark, and Sebber Kloster Golfclub in Sebbersund some 5km from Nibe Camping is a course with 18 holes beautifully lokated in a hilly country. New pay and play field.

Udfyld felterne herunder for at modtage vores nyhedsbrev:
Outdoor water complex with waterslides
Outdoor water complex with water slides

Holiday with bicycle and tent
We have bicycles for hire