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Nibe Camping - Sølyst
Løgstørvej 2
9240 Nibe
Phone +4598351062
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Open: 01.01. - 31.12.
LON 9° 37‘ 29.5680'
LAT 56° 58‘ 21.6840'

Sights in Nibe, Aalborg and Northjutland

Informations from Nibe

Nibe is an old fishing town. Its establishment is closely connected to the large catches of herring before 1825.
It is no coincidence, then, that Nibe’s old coat of arms bore three herring, or that the church ship in Nibe Church is an old herring scaffie.

Plan your bicycle route here

If you want to cycle, you can use the attractive pathway from Aalborg to Hvalpsund and round the Limfjord, it runs through the camping ground. You can use your own bicycle or rent one of us.

Aalborg Zoo
Face to face with animals at the Aalborg Zoo.
At the Aalborg Zoo you can get close to animals from all over the world. Come see the meercats' rocks, the crocodiles' river-bank, the anteaters' pampas or a forest full of bears.

Aalborg Marinemuseum
There are only a few places in the world where visitors can gain a hands-on experience of the interior of a submarine which is ready for action. Aalborg Marinemuseum is one such place. The submarine SPRINGEREN is an unusual attraction, which together with the rest of the museum has been visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors since His Royal Highness Prince Henrik opened the museum on 24 May 1992.

The Defence and Garrison Museum
Visit the Defence and Garrison Museum and experience how tanks look inside, try to handle several types of guns and cannon, look into the cockpit of a jetfighter aircraft and study in details several hundreds of big and small military items.

 The North Sea Museum in Hirtshals
The Greatest Aquarium of Northern Europe and much more....
A visit to the North Sea Museum is always a world of new experiences. The Oceanarium itself with large schools of mackerel, herring, horse mackerel and garfish that are fed by the diver every day is worth the visit. 

Aalborg Storcenter
The biggest department store in the northern part of Jutland

Vikingecenter Fyrkat ved Hobro
The biggest viking exhibition in Jutland with many reconstructed houses and workshops

Lille Vildmose Centret
Lille Vildmose is a spectacular nature reserve that offers a wide range of nature experienses. The state of the art Lille Vildmose Visitor Centre opened to the public in 2006, and offers interactive exhibitions, an eagle simulator, a small cinema and much more

Limfjordsmuseet i Løgstør
The Limfjord Museum In Løgstør occupies the old canal bailiff`s house which is lokated in beautifull surroundings around King Frederik VII`s canal, where the historical swing bridge to the museum is regularly opened with the help os a hand crank. Exhibition of navigation and fishery on the Limfjord and historical boat building.

Fårup Sommerland og aquapark

Faarup Aquapark is one of the largest amusementparks in Denmark

Museumscenter Hanstholm

If you go to Hanstholm you can visit Museumscenter Hanstholm and see Northern Europe`s largest fortifications from the Second World War.

Stenaldercenteret i Ertebølle

The Stone Age Centre at Ertebølle hosts a museum, exhibition facilities as well as a reconstruction of a stone-age village.

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